Guided Bird Walk Through Kithulgala Area

The manager of Kithulgala Resthouse booked an excellent guide for us – Shanaka Lakmina for our morning bird walk.  I told him I was especially keen to see parrot species, preferably close up so he tailored the walk to the areas of most interest.  Of course we saw lots of fantastic birds along the way.  We did manage to find a Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot that perched for awhile except he was backlit by the sun.  There were also a few Alexandrines and possibly a quick flyby of a Layard’s Parakeet.  The other highlight of the trip was the endemic Chestnut-backed Owlet.

First meet Shanaka.  He’s a licensed guide who works for Kelaniriver Adventure Kithulgala (KAK).  He can be booked via your hotel or in advance by Facebook.  He’s a great guy, knows the local birds quite well and where to find them.


IMG_3311 IMG_3309 IMG_3310

These are photos he sent me of the parrots since I couldn’t get good shots.  The smaller one is the Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, the others are Layard’s Parakeets in a nest.

Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot – just hanging around