2017 Travel Year In Review – The Year Of The Bucket Lists

It’s time for my traditional look back at the year in review – both my personal travels and events that affected the miles and points community.  Sorry it’s late but I have been busy with personal things. Last year was epic and I knew it would be hard to top but I may just have at least equaled it.

Very quiet months.  The miles and points opportunities have wound down so I have been more in a spend miles mode rather than earning.  I have begun the shift away from the US programs and back to Australian programs.  So my focus has been on maximizing the Coles (Virgin) and Woolies (Qantas) programs.

The Godmother of All African Adventures happened over 4 amazing weeks and has been already covered extensively on this blog.





On the miles and points bucket list perspective I got to have my first ever business class experience flying Etihad from Perth to Abu Dhabi and Qatar from Windhoek to Doha to Adelaide!


It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and so I did.  Earlier this year I had posted that I wanted to do an Outback Australia birding trip.  And that I was saving miles to go to the Loro Parque Conference in 2018.  Well I changed my mind and decided to blow almost all of my remaining AA and BA miles on a trip to Peru to visit the Manu Wildlife Reserve.  So I put in a lot of planning and research to make this trip happen.


The big trip to Peru happened and was a huge success!  I will get around to blogging it in the New Year.

And this was the final miles and points bucket list item.  I traveled in First Class on Emirates between Auckland and Brisbane.  Only a 3 hour flight but it was awesome and a great use of QF points!


Back to a more quiet lifestyle.  I have spent almost all my miles and points (and very well I might add).  I still do the shopping promos at Coles and Woolies but now I feel like I have accomplished so much of what I set out to do in regards to travel.  I am not going to stop traveling but I will tone it back.  I still have plenty of miles in Velocity, Qantas and Amex MR to easily cover travel plans in 2019, even 2020.
You may have noticed I also scaled back on blog postings.  My personal life has become busier than it used to be so I apologize for that.  I will be doing only 3 posts a week from now on just to keep a sustainable posting frequency.

I hope you all had wonderful travels this year too!!