Did Santa Bring You An Amazon.com Gift Certificate?

Whether he did or didn’t, here’s a few cool ideas to spend a gift certificate or just a credit card on.


I wish I had one of these in the Caribbean!



Just to remind you that I do get a small commission if you use my Amazon.com link whether for the items above or anything you choose.  It helps pay the hosting charges and I do appreciate it!

Scottevest Cyber Monday 30% Off Sale

Pretty much ALL Scottevest products are on sale through 28 November with promo code Cyber16 and it’s already started!  I use the vests and jackets all the time to carry my tablet/laptop and any heavy books that would otherwise put me over the 7kg cabin bag allowance.  I also keep my docs, credit cards, USB drives, etc in the jacket so if there is ever a need for emergency evacuation, I am already wearing my valuables.

If you aren’t familiar with Scottevest’s pockets, please see my review here.


Scottevest NBT Vest Only $50 Until 14 Nov

This is the lowest I have ever seen this product!  Scottevests are a huge part of my being able to travel carry-on only and avoid checking bags as I can put some heavier items like a small laptop/tablet and some reading material in the vest pockets.  I also keep all my documents, cash and credit cards in the pockets and wear the vest on the plane which would allow me to make a rapid and safe exit in case of emergency with all my important items secured within my clothing.


The clip below shows how to use the pockets if you aren’t familiar with Scottevest products.  Please use the link in the graphic or HERE as I will get a small commission at no cost to yourself which helps pay the site expenses.  Be sure to use the promo code RAINCHECK to get the discount.  Hurry as the sale ends 14 November!

Field Guide – Birds Of Brazil

It’s nice to see more and more field guides being made available in both paperback and Kindle versions.  I used to want a paper book with me in the field but as I get older and less willing to carry around excess weight, I am leaning towards Kindle versions.  If my recent series on Brazil has piqued your interest, maybe one of these guides would suit you.


Weigh Your Luggage Before You Travel

Have you noticed how airlines are cracking down on oversized (and in some countries) overweight carry-on bags & backpacks?  In Australia, you can only carry on bags up to 7 kgs.  Birders will usually be pushing these limits with camera gear, lenses, binoculars and guidebooks.  If you don’t want a nasty surprise when you check in and be forced to check your bag – and pay extra for it – you need to know the weight before you go.  This cute gadget also has a measuring tape built in!

You can also hide some extra weight in a Scottevest but they still don’t have a product that holds DSLRs and zoom lenses!

As Seen On Survivor

If you are a Survivor fan, you will be familiar with the Buff.  “Drop your buffs, we’re switching tribes”.  Well you don’t have to be a contestant to have one, you can order your own in a wide variety of colours (but stick to the muted nature shade for birding).  I got one and it comes in handy for keeping my long hair out of the way and keeping bugs off my forehead and neck.

This is how to wear it.


Don’t Lose Your Lens Caps

We’ve all been there.  You have your camera gear at hand and on your way to a birding hotspot when all of a sudden a bird unexpectedly flies overhead.  You scramble for your camera, rip off the lens cap and set it down somewhere and frantically try to get your shot.  Then you get so busy looking through the shots to see if any of them are good you forget to put the lens cap back.

Long after you’ve moved on, you realize the lens cap is gone and you aren’t sure where it went.  How annoying!

These nifty gadgets could solve that problem and at $5.99 for a pack of 5 are not expensive.


Even better, get a pack with spare lens caps – once you click on the link there are more sizes on the page.


My Carry-on Backpack Which Has Withstood The Test Of Time

It’s been about 5 years since I bought my eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible and it has been with me on around 8 overseas birding adventures now and is still going strong!  This bag is really sturdy, hardly weighs anything so you can maximize a 7 kg carry-on limit.  It easily holds a DSLR, 100-400mm lens and several changes of clothing although you should always wear your heaviest shoes on the plane.