The Enigmatic Macaws Of Tambopata

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this video worth?  Sorry, they don’t allow embedding but click on the link below to watch it on Vimeo.

The enigmatic Macaws of Tambopata from Christian Declercq on Vimeo.

Every time I watch this I want to book the next flight back to Peru.  If you are inspired, check out the other posts I have on how to see the Enigmatic Macaws of Tambopata for yourself!

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Getting to Tambopata

Choosing an Eco-Lodge

Tambopata Eco-Lodges

Review of Refugio Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center


  • Kay asked on the “Birding as a Competitve Sport topic if the macaws are easy to see here. The answer is YES! That is why Tambopata is one of the top birding destinations in the world. Many species of macaws, parrots and other birds are found here and the clay lick has them all flocking togther. It’s a sensory overload where you don’t know where to look first!