Birding The Rainforest Lodge, Kakum

Yesterday I reviewed the Rainforest Lodge but I saved the best for last – the birds!

These were all seen between 3:30-5:30pm-ish.  I will do my best to identify them from the guidebook.  There are a few I can’t find so if anyone is familiar with Ghanaian birds and wants to help, please do so in the comments.

Red-eyed Doves

IMG_5872 IMG_5874

Typical Weaver Nest


Black-necked Weaver


Village Weaver


Copper Sunbird


Pied Crow


Western Oriole

IMG_5899 IMG_5904 IMG_5906 IMG_5908

Pied Flycatcher?


And here’s my favourite – the Woodland Kingfisher!

IMG_5893 IMG_5888

Somehow my husband lost interest in the birds and decided to make friends with the mechanics across the road.


Birding Without Even Leaving The Lodges

Birding is often such hard work.  Sometimes you have to trek through mud, trudge up a mountain for hours or endure tropical humidity and rainstorms.  So even the most hardy birders appreciate when the birds make it easy to see them.  Still wild of course – but when you have a lodge such as Refugio Amazonas located in the Peruvian rainforest that attracts birds in the grounds, why not just sit back, relax and enjoy the view?


For more information, please see my review of Refugio Amazonas.  Peru is easily reached with frequent flyer miles.

I think this video was shot in the same bungalow we had, it sure looks like it!