Monteiro’s Hornbill (Tockus monteiri)

The Monteiro’s Hornbill (Tockus monteiri) is a species of hornbill that is native to the dry woodlands of southwestern Africa.  It is a common, near-endemic species in Namibia, with a total population estimated at 340,000 individuals.

I do remember seeing these guys in several places usually roadside as we were driving from one place to another so I can’t believe I only got one shot while driving from Huab Lodge to Omaruru.  They are only found in Namibia and a small part of Angola so Namibia is really you best chance to see them.




Biodiversity Explorer


Nothing on Youtube!  There are a few clips on HBW taken around the Erongo area.

Birding The Grounds Of Huab Lodge, Namibia

One of the reasons for choosing Huab Lodge is that there had been several reports on eBird of Ruppell’s Parrots in the area.  We did find ONE parrots and lots more birds!

This pretty bird was seen on the roadside.  I think it’s a Yellow-crowned Bishop.

Quite a few lizards around sunning on the rocks.

And here he is…………….the ONE Ruppell’s Parrot we saw on the whole trip!  Thankfully he stuck around for awhile.

Ring-necked dove

Ring-necked dove

Another lizard

Dusky Sunbird

Laughing Dove

Guineafowls coming right into the restaurant.

Cape Bunting

Rock Bunting


Workers seen from the deck

Pale-winged Starling

African Red-eyed Bulbul

Fork-tailed Drongos

White-browed Sparrow-Weaver

Lilac-breasted Roller

Monteiro’s Hornbill

Apologies for not being able to id all the birds, if anyone knows what the LBJs & stripe-faced birds are, please comment!

Dusky Sunbird (Cinnyris fuscus)

The Dusky Sunbird (Cinnyris fuscus) is found in arid savanna, thickets and shrubland in southern Africa and is duller than most other sunbirds.

They can be found throughout Angola, Namibia, Botswana & South Africa.  I saw this one right near our room at Huab Lodge in Namibia.




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Here’s some slides with a sound clip.


Rüppell’s Parrot (Poicephalus rueppellii)

Rüppell’s Parrot (Poicephalus rueppellii) or Rueppell’s Parrot is named after the German naturalist and explorer Eduard Rüppell.

They can be found in Namibia and Angola.  I saw this one at Huab Lodge high in a tree but at least he stayed there awhile!



World Parrot Trust


Biodiversity Explorer


There weren’t a lot of wild bird clips but lots of pet Ruppell’s Parrots out there!


Lodge Review: Huab Lodge, Namibia

Huab Lodge has a stunning location in Damaraland, Namibia and is one of the country’s top birding lodges.

It is accessed via a 35 km dirt road just south of Kamanjab.  Look for D2670 on the signs, then just follow the signs to the lodge.

The buildings are very cool architecturally………….

…………even the local birds think so!

They offer a variety of activities including game drives.  We didn’t do the game drive as I thought the lodge grounds offered excellent birding.

Meals are served at fixed times around one large table shared by hosts and guests.  Teh food was excellent and dinner was quite a show when one of the local ladies described the food in their language which has a lot of clicks.  Just beyond the dining area is a deck where you can watch birds and relax.

Our room was stunning!  We weren’t bothered by mosquitoes so didn’t use the nets, preferring to have an open look out the window to the scenery below.

The bathroom is actually a bit similar to ours at home with the walk-in shower and stone floor although our window doesn’t have such a nice view!

Here’s our deck and you can see how amazing the scenery is!

The swimming pool is just next to the restaurant.

You can walk down this trail to the hot pool below.

The gorgeous hot pool with the stonework is nice and hot and very relaxing.  A great place to loosen up those aching muscles………………

…………………before a nice relaxing massage!  This was our “spoil ourselves” treat after a long trip through Africa!

You can book on their website or try an online travel agent for better deals.  We used Orbitz as they had a good discount already and I was able to stack it with a 15% coupon code that was emailed to me.  We only stayed one night as it’s not a cheap place but wish we could have stayed longer.