Help The World Parrot Trust Save Wild Amazon Parrots

The World Parrot Trust always has an annual appeal over December & January in which certain wild parrots in need are highlighted so you can help save them.  This year it’s the Amazon Parrots which are being highlighted as they are major targets for wildlife poachers and have suffered greatly from habitat loss.

WPT 2015 appeal

Although donations are being doubled until the end of January, I do want to point out to Americans that if you donate before 31 Dec, you will get a receipt for your 2016 tax return.


This Needs To Stop – NOW! How You Can Help

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself as I usually blog a trip in chronological order but this is more important.  This happened in Antananarivo, Madagascar.  When we were in the taxi going from the hotel to the airport, I noticed a bunch of cages on the street.  We were on the opposite side of the road so I didn’t get a good look but having an 18 megapixel camera was enough to get the real scoop.

IMG_5803 IMG_5802I can identify Grey-headed Lovebirds and Vasa Parrots in a few of the cages which would clearly be captured from the wild.  One green bird I can’t identify appears to be dead (lying on its side on the floor).


The World Parrot Trust has the experience to help these birds.  Right now they are doing their annual campaign in which everyone’s donations are matched by an anonymous donor.  So give $25 and it becomes $50, give $100 and it becomes $200 and so on.

Click for donation page

As my blog about Africa progresses, you will see a lot of photos of wild Lovebirds, Vasa Parrots and more flying where they belong.  Help the World Parrot Trust keep them free!

Parrot Conservation Indonesia Part 1 – Podcast

Mehd & Lena Halouate are friends of mine whom I originally met via Facebook and last year in person.  Mehd is the Indonesia Project Manager for the World Parrot Trust and his biography can be found on their website.


Conservation efforts in Indonesia are extremely challenging yet incredibly important, as many species there exist nowhere else in the world. Indonesia’s size, tropical climate, and island chain geography support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity, a unique mixture of flora and fauna.

Listen to podcast In this podcast, Mehd Halaouate sheds light on the status of conservation efforts in Indonesia – the challenges and their solutions for moving forward to save some of the world’s rarest parrots.

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The heartbreaking photos of the captured Lories highlight why conservation projects and ecotourism are so important.  I highly recommend joining the World Parrot Trust to get their quarterly magazine and keep up to date with their projects.