Parrot Conservation Indonesia Part 2 – Ecotourism

In yesterday’s post, I introduced you to Mehd Halouate and his work with the World Parrot Trust.  Today, I will show you some of the eco-tours he and his wife, Lena are operating throughout Indonesia.  First, have a look at his website and see the tours organized for 2014-2016.

Use your miles to get to Indonesia and save your money for the tour and to spend locally!

Tours for 2014
Tours for 2015
Tours for 2016

If you enjoyed my series on West Papua from March 2013 but were afraid to go on your own, the good news is that Mehd & Lena are offering all the same destinations with more time at each one on this tour.

Parrot Conservation Indonesia Part 1 – Podcast

Mehd & Lena Halouate are friends of mine whom I originally met via Facebook and last year in person.  Mehd is the Indonesia Project Manager for the World Parrot Trust and his biography can be found on their website.


Conservation efforts in Indonesia are extremely challenging yet incredibly important, as many species there exist nowhere else in the world. Indonesia’s size, tropical climate, and island chain geography support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity, a unique mixture of flora and fauna.

Listen to podcast In this podcast, Mehd Halaouate sheds light on the status of conservation efforts in Indonesia – the challenges and their solutions for moving forward to save some of the world’s rarest parrots.

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The heartbreaking photos of the captured Lories highlight why conservation projects and ecotourism are so important.  I highly recommend joining the World Parrot Trust to get their quarterly magazine and keep up to date with their projects.

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