Exciting Volunteer Opportunities – Echo Bonaire

Does living on a beautiful island in the Caribbean and helping to conserve rare parrots appeal to you?  Echo Bonaire has several vacancies on their website.

The most regular flights are via the US (Houston, Atlanta, Newark and Miami) or via Amsterdam.  You can use your miles to get there, the Caribbean area is the same as the zone used for Puerto Rico.


Volunteer At The Ara Project, Costa Rica

Do you love working with parrots? If so, we need your help! Join us for a rewarding experience working with large macaws in Costa Rica.

At the Ara Project’s breeding and release center you will see wildlife, visit a beautiful country and learn about a different culture, and meet new people. Best of all, you will make a difference in the lives of endangered macaws.

Full details are on their website.

Read about my visit to the Ara Project (prior to relocation).


Use miles to get to Costa Rica for free and hotel points just after you arrive to get your bearing, then transfer to the project.