Kangaroos & Cockatoos – The Road To Yanchep

After leaving Kalbarri, we drove through the National Park and met up with route 1 headed south going through Gerladton.  Here are some of the highlights we encountered along the way.

Kangaroos still within the park boundaries.

IMG_6379 IMG_6382Red-tailed Black Cockatoos just south of the park.

IMG_6384 IMG_6386a IMG_6391a IMG_6395a IMG_6399a IMG_6400a

Carnaby’s Cockatoos – not sure of exact location but about 2 hours before we reached Yanchep.

IMG_6405a IMG_6406a IMG_6407a IMG_6409 IMG_6410a IMG_6413 IMG_6416a IMG_6422a IMG_6425a IMG_6432a IMG_6436

Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum)

The Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum) is a species of flowerpecker native to most of Australia (though absent from Tasmania and the driest desert areas), and also to the eastern Maluku Islands of Indonesia in the Arafura Sea between Australia and New Guinea. They also must live where there are trees and shrubs, so that they can build their nests. The bird eats a variety of different foods such as berries and assorted types of insects.

IMG_6340a IMG_6344aThey are widespread throughout Australia so odds are you will happen upon one sooner or later.  I first saw this one in the Murchison River Reserve near Kalbarri, Western Australia.  Later, I saw one at Oxley Creek Common in Brisbane.





Birds in Backyards

ABC Science


Good mini-doco showing the relationship between Mistletoebirds and the Mistletoe plant.

Where To Go Birding Around Kalbarri

There are several possible birding areas in the Kalbarri region.  The town is basically surrounded by the Kalbarri National Park except on the west coast on the Indian Ocean.


Kalbarri is accessible by car about 8 hours north of Perth.  If you are entering from the south, there is a possibility of birding in the scrub south of the Rainbow Jungle at the end of Explorer Road.  We were there around 5pm but didn’t see much.

Eremaea and Frank O’Connor have bird lists.

IMG_6294 IMG_6297 IMG_6300 IMG_6302aWhile not birding in the wild, the local council puts on a pelican feeding on the beach.  The fish being handed out attract all kinds of sea birds.

IMG_6367 IMG_6368 IMG_6370 IMG_6372 IMG_6373The best birding was in the Murchison River Reserve just north of town.


Port Lincoln/Australian Ringneck

IMG_6320 IMG_6322a IMG_6323a IMG_6326a IMG_6327

Jacky Winter


Blue-breasted Fairy-wren

IMG_6332a IMG_6334a IMG_6335a

Zebra Finch



IMG_6340a IMG_6344a

Singing Honeyeater

IMG_6347a IMG_6350a IMG_6352a IMG_6374Zebra Finch

IMG_6361a IMG_6357Port Lincoln/Australian Ringneck

IMG_6358a IMG_6359a IMG_6356


Hotel Review: Palm Resort, Kalbarri

Conveniently located in the town centre, the Palm Resort offers a range of comfortable styles of motel suites and apartments just walking distance from the beach. Relax in 5 acres of established gardens with heated outdoor spa, 2 swimming pools, BBQ’s, tennis court, netted cricket pitch, lawn bowls, children’s playground and green lawns.

IMG_6309 IMG_6364 IMG_6366The rooms are simple but clean and fine for passing the night and prices are very reasonable.

IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314IMG_6318aIf you are lucky, the local Galahs will be on hand to welcome you in!

IMG_6310There’s a pub and a fish & chip shop about 5 minutes walk away.  Food is of the cheap and cheerful variety which is just what we like!  Sorry foodies!

IMG_6316a IMG_6317Bookings can be done on their website, Pointshound or several other hotel booking engines.

Eco-Lite: Rainbow Jungle, Kalbarri, Australia


Gorgeous landscaped walk-in aviary with dozens of brightly coloured Aussie birds of many different species.  They also have display cages for certain species.  Good for getting a close up look at the birds you are hoping to see in the wild so you can identify them more easily.  Also a great place to bring kids to see and appreciate the beauty of Australian birds (and a few exotics) in a family-friendly setting.  More details on their website.


It’s about 10 km south of Kalbarri on Red Bluff Road.  You’ll need a car as I didn’t see any sign of bus service.


Rainbow Jungle is open seven days a week (except Christmas Day) 9am to 5pm / Sundays 10am to 5pm Last admission 4pm – Telephone: (08) 9937 1248 – Admission Adults $14 – Sen/Concession $12 – Child $5


By the time we got there – around 4pm, we only had an hour to look around and I could have easily stayed 2 hours or more as I like to sit back, relax and watch the birds go about their business.  You can get really good photos and while the birds are not tame, they aren’t terribly skittish either.  Some of the highlights were the Cockatoos, Princess Parrots, Gouldian Finches and more – see photos below!


They don’t have a conservation program.  The main value in a walk-in aviary such as this is to become familiar with the various species, educate your kids and then move on to seeing them in the wild.  The signs are nicely done and show the range of the birds.


There aren’t any chain hotels in Kalbarri.  You can earn points by using Pointshound to book hotels such as Palm Resort where we stayed.  Rocketmiles doesn’t currently serve this location but worth a try as they seem to be adding lots of new properties.


IMG_6288 IMG_6290 IMG_6292 IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6214 IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6221 IMG_6222 IMG_6223 IMG_6225a IMG_6227 IMG_6228 IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6231 IMG_6232 IMG_6233a IMG_6236a IMG_6237 IMG_6238 IMG_6244 IMG_6247a IMG_6250 IMG_6260a IMG_6263 IMG_6264a IMG_6265 IMG_6266 IMG_6273 IMG_6271a IMG_6272a IMG_6274 IMG_6276 IMG_6275a IMG_6277 IMG_6278a IMG_6279 IMG_6280 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283a IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287