Kangaroos & Cockatoos – The Road To Yanchep

After leaving Kalbarri, we drove through the National Park and met up with route 1 headed south going through Gerladton.  Here are some of the highlights we encountered along the way.

Kangaroos still within the park boundaries.

IMG_6379 IMG_6382Red-tailed Black Cockatoos just south of the park.

IMG_6384 IMG_6386a IMG_6391a IMG_6395a IMG_6399a IMG_6400a

Carnaby’s Cockatoos – not sure of exact location but about 2 hours before we reached Yanchep.

IMG_6405a IMG_6406a IMG_6407a IMG_6409 IMG_6410a IMG_6413 IMG_6416a IMG_6422a IMG_6425a IMG_6432a IMG_6436