Part 3: Birding At Savegre, Costa Rica – Hotel Grounds

In this final chapter of my series about birding in Savegre, I would like to point out the delights of birding around the grounds of the Savegre Hotel.  In most places, there is a definite siesta time during which birds are inactive around mid-day and the best time to see them is in the early morning and late afternoon.  Hummingbirds, however need to feed every 15 minutes so you can spend many happy hours just watching them fly around the grounds and sipping nectar from the feeders.  There are also lots of flowers for them to feed on.  Not only can you see the Hummingbirds, there are also various Woodpeckers, Tanagers, Warblers and many other birds.  A complete bird list is here.  These photos were taken over 2 days just in the grounds of the Savegre Hotel.

IMG_1185 IMG_0994 IMG_1006 IMG_1019 IMG_1026 IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1030 IMG_1032 IMG_1137 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 IMG_1143 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1147 IMG_1148 IMG_1194 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1204 IMG_1211 IMG_1216 IMG_1222 IMG_1224 IMG_1231 IMG_1234 IMG_1240 IMG_1244 IMG_1251 IMG_1253 IMG_1256 IMG_1261 IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1270 IMG_1274 IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1281 IMG_1286 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1300 IMG_1306 IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1314 IMG_1316 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1320 IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1330 IMG_1332 IMG_1334 IMG_1339 IMG_1340