Part 2: Birding At Savegre, Costa Rica – Nature Reserve

After our visit with the beautiful Resplendent Quetzals, we went back to the lodge where Marino returned the SUV and we headed off on our walk.

Hotel Savegre is proud to offer visitors the opportunity to visit our private nature reserve of almost 400 hectares (988 acres) through a network of trails of around 30 km. (18.6 miles) that start and end at the hotel. The reserve has a spectacularly high level biodiversity that attracts visitors from all over the world. It is also a scientific field research site, but for our guests it is mostly a place of great peace and tranquility.
Part of the reserve is secondary forest regrowth, once felled for cattle grazing but which we decided years ago to return to its natural state. Four of the six trails are interconnected and visitors are given a trail map to explore the forest in complete safety. However, we recommend you use a naturalist guide to better see and interpret everything this life-giving world can tell you, and so you don’t miss a single detail that might otherwise escape you.

We invite you to explore our reserve by walking the trails we have carefully designed to meet the interests and physical capabilities of our guests. They are graded according to their difficulty from 1 (very easy) to 5 (technically challenging) in terms of length and terrain. To help you choose which trail is best for you, we also give the distance and approximate time it takes from and returning to the hotel:

It’s a beautiful area with streams running through, lots of trees except for one open field and a small lake.  We saw quite a few birds, including the Sulphur-winged Conure.  I had been hoping for Barred Parakeets as well but they are rare that time of year (Aug-Sept).  These photos are of the birds we saw on the forest walk.  A complete bird list for Savegre/San Gerardo de Dota is found here.


Marino Chacon

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  • bluecat

    We just decided on a Costa Rica add-on to our Peru trip, so these posts were timely.

    We were debating whether to go to Savegre or not…decided on Toucanet Lodge instead. It’s in the general vicinity…hope we see some Quetzals!

    • I’m sure you will, the Quetzals are on a public road so all birders go to the same place.