The Birds Of Soberania National Park

Yesterday, I blogged about how to arrange a visit to Soberania National Park.  Now I will show you some of the birds you can expect to see there.  A comprehensive bird list can be found on the Canopy Tower’s website.  Of course you won’t see them all but with luck you can see some of the highlights.


I always prefer to climb a tower to have a bird’s eye view over the rainforest.  When you are at ground level in dense forest, bird sightings may be only a colored rustling in a tree or a fleeting glimpse as they fly over your head and disappear into the forest before you can aim your camera.  The observation tower here was good for sightings (from a distance) of Red-lored Parrots, Yellow-crowned Parrots, Blue-headed Pionus Parrots and Toucans.  In the last photo you can see a glimpse of a ship going through the Panama Canal!

IMG_1438 IMG_1441 IMG_1442a IMG_1446a IMG_1448a IMG_1449 IMG_1450 IMG_1451 IMG_1452 IMG_1458 IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1461

The construction of the tower is pretty cool too!  Since it is deep in the rainforest, you can’t get a photo of it from the ground except looking straight up or from the top looking straight down.

IMG_1436 IMG_1463 IMG_1464 IMG_1466 IMG_1467 IMG_1465IMG_1470Next we headed off down the trail towards the lake, got half way there and got rained out.

IMG_1471 IMG_1472We fled back to the main building and kept busy watching the jewel-toned hummingbirds.  We were the only people there until a tour group showed up on segways (not sure how they drove them over the bumpy Pipeline Road)!

IMG_1473 IMG_1474


IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1478 IMG_1481 IMG_1483 IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1489 IMG_1492 IMG_1494 IMG_1496 IMG_1498 IMG_1500 IMG_1502Rental cars can be safely driven here and parked in their car park.



After leaving Pipeline Road, we drove past the Panama Canal to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort to check out the birds down by the river.  We had planned to have lunch there but the restaurant was closed.

IMG_1513 IMG_1515 IMG_1524 IMG_1525 IMG_1526


IMG_1537 IMG_1538IMG_1539

IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1542

IMG_1518 IMG_1523 IMG_1527 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1534 IMG_1535GAMBOA BRIDGE

We had to drive across this rickety looking bridge that made me very nervous!  I crept along at 5km per hour with annoyed locals piled up behind me.

IMG_1543 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1546