Satin Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus)

Elizabeth Taylor would have been jealous of these eyes!  The Satin Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) is a bowerbird endemic to eastern Australia.

IMG_9159 IMG_9103aFemale Satin Bowerbird


You can find them in Eastern Australia, check with local birders and eBird as the bowers are usually well known.  Girraween (blue dot) has an easy-to-find bower near the toilet block.  If they are thirsty, they will let you know by sitting on the water fountain and looking at you expectantly.  Once you find a bower, don’t just tick your list and move on, these birds are very entertaining so sit down and watch them for awhile!




Birdlife Australia

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Building a bower.

Robbing humans to woo his fair lady.  Not sure if it was the toothbrush, the car keys, the house, the tenner or his dance show but she finally gives in!


The 10 Sexiest Male Birds

The BBC brings us this list of stunning birds who really know how to impress the chicks!  I’ve only seen one in person, the Satin Bowerbird in Girraween NP.   He was quite happy to take a blue bottle cap to impress his paramour!  With those brilliant purple eyes, he’s pretty impressive already!

IMG_9110aCheck out the full list and see how many YOU have seen!

My Top Thirty Bird Sightings Of 2014

Most other years this would be a top ten, but with 3 major birding trips this year I am struggling to make it a top thirty!  If you want to see last year’s birds click here.   There is no way I could single out one top bird with so many to choose from so they are being presented in chronological order.  I haven’t finished blogging the Queensland road trip or the African Adventure so I have to cheat a bit with the photos.  They are my photos but just pasted in.

1.  Carnaby’s Cockatoo – seen at several places in Western Australia, Feb 2014.


2.  Western Rosella – seen at Dryandra and Stirling Range in Western Australia, Feb 2014


3.  Purple-crowned Lorikeet – seen near Fitzgerald National Park, Western Australia, Feb 2014


4.  Western Bowerbird – seen at Nallan Station, Western Australia, Feb 2014