Livingstone National Art Gallery

This was a lucky coincidence as I hadn’t been researching galleries or museums thinking we wouldn’t have time to visit either.  But I needed to pay for the birding trip with Savannah Southern Safaris (wait for the separate post) and they happen to be located in the lobby of the National Art Gallery.

We had taken a taxi out there and the driver was waiting as I thought it would be a quick run in, put the credit card through the machine and back off to the Victoria Falls waterfall area.  It actually took quite awhile as the girl tried again and again to process the credit card and couldn’t get a connection.  This gave me plenty of time to look around the art gallery.  They have an amazing variety of artwork for sale and I highly recommend coming out here both to see the art and book Savannah Southern Safaris!

Here’s some of what you can expect!

I was quite tempted by that one with the birds in the trees but it was over my budget and too big for the backpack.

Happily the credit card finally went through and I not only paid for my birding trip but bought these two bird drawings by Alec Lishandu which are now on my living room wall!

Shopping For Bird Art In India

There’s no shortage of handicraft and antique shops in India and the good news for bird lovers is that many works of art feature birds!  Some of these are for sale (the ones in shops), others I saw in hotels and restaurants and they were not for sale.  I bought that saree!  I don’t get to wear it often but it sure is beautiful!  Here’s a few examples of bird art found in India.

IMG_1033 IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1708 IMG_0985 Parrots in folk art Parrots in folk art2

I was hoping to find a video of how these are made as they are pretty cool!  Although this video shows a close up of a “pregnant” elephant, I bought one of a “pregnant” parrot  from the shop in the 2nd photo.