India May Extend Visa On Arrival To More Nationalities

After hastily throwing together a trip to India & Sri Lanka prompted by last week’s US Airways promo I have now turned my attention to the formalities.  Both countries require visas of Australians, Americans, Canadians and most Europeans.   A full list can be found on the new story.  HT:  The Wandering Aramean

I spent this morning filling out applications for me and my husband.  Sri Lanka was easy.  A short application that was approved less than 5 minutes after submitting it.  The approval went to my spam folder but I eventually found it.

India is more difficult.  This isn’t our first trip but the visas Australians get a visa valid for 6 months, double entry and there must be a gap of 2 months between entries.  Our last visa issued and used in 2011 was long expired.  I filled out the apps for both of us, uploaded passport photos and printed it out.  India wants to know EVERYTHING about us, our parents, religion, employment, what countries we’ve been in the last 10 years –  I ran out of room!  Thankfully there is an Indian visa centre in Brisbane so we don’t have to mail our passports off.

So my prediction of when this new visa on arrival will happen?  The day after I lodge our visa applications and pay the fee!

  • John Uscian

    Have gone to India 4 times already. It is my favorite wildlife destination (and that is an opinion held even after having done safaris in 9 countries of Africa, several Indonesia, and several in Australia; all of these were great as well, by the way). But those visa applications (especially when you need to fill them out for yourself and make sure the other 20 or so people in your safari party have them correct as well) is a real pain, to put it mildly! Then you have to FedEx it to New York and inevitably, it seems, you need to make some changes to some of the forms the students completed [and this despite what it seems were both your and the student’s best efforts to get it right the first time]). But it is all worth it in the end. Here is a link to a youtube video I made of the last university group I helped to chaperone there (May – June, 2013):

    Cheers, John

    • I don’t know why all countries don’t go to the online ESTA, ETA or whatever type of visa. It’s such a pita to have to send your documents away. At least we can walk in to the Indian visa service. Cool videos, you are so lucky to see tigers so close!