Future of Travels Part 2

Following on from part 1, Skyscanner brings us this fascinating look at what airports and planes of the future might be like.  No more 1st class, business class, economy, there will be sitting zones, sleeping zones and eating zones.  That should make redemptions interesting!



The trip to the airport will be positively pleasurable as our traveler spends his time surfing the web or chatting to friends and family in a taxi equipped with virtual reality and cyber-connected technology.

He will eagerly anticipate his arrival at an airport that has been transformed from the transit holding station of today into a luxury Aeroville, with body-morphing seats, shoppable virtual walls, 3D cinemas, rooftop swimming pools and yoga centers set amid atrium forests.

Molecular scanners, digital bag tags, and facial and retinal recognition technology will have eliminated lines at security and check-in. Holographic staff members will guide our traveler seamlessly to his seat that molds to his body shape and comes with 3D multimedia and internet connection as standard.