Travel Planning Technology Of The Future – Does It Go Too Far?


How many times have you wished the travel planning experience could be easier?  Well be careful what you wish for!  If Skyscanner’s glimpse into the future is any indication, there will be virtual reality devices that know WAY too much about you from your social media networks and plan your trip for you!  And people think Facebook is  a privacy risk!

You could be sitting around home hooked up to a device that uses your past preferences to plan your next trip and book it for you.  Before you decide that’s an awesome thing, consider how much fun it is to do the planning on your own.  Do you really want to have a trip to Brazil booked in the blink of an eye?  Isn’t planning half the fun?

It’s a challenge to put it all together.  Find the flights, figure out what kind of miles you need, how to get the miles and book the flights.  Then you have to choose accommodation and spend hours on Trip Advisor reading reviews to make sure you get the best place for your requirements.  Eco-tourists and birders spend even more time reading trip reports to figure out where the birds are best seen and what time of year to go there.  It’s a LOT of work……………but so rewarding!  I always have a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when I put it all together and get it right.  Occasionally I get it wrong, but I put so much research into my trips I’d say 99% of the time I do get it right.

What do you think?  Do you enjoy the planning as much as the actual trip?  Or do you want a machine to do the planning for you?  Would virtual reality spoil the adventure for you?  For birders, where do you draw the line?  For me, a David Attenborough documentary whets my appetite to be there in person.  Would Google Glass be going too far and negate the reason to travel?  Read through Skyscanner’s website and tell me what you think!