Birds Of Laguna Del Lagarto: Parrots, Toucans, Aracaris & Trogon

Since there are so many photos, I am breaking this up into separate posts.  There are other posts for  information on how to get to Costa Rica & Laguna del Lagarto.

Bird List of Laguna del Lagarto


I highlighted in yellow the ones I saw.  I didn’t get photos of the Crimson-fronted Parakeet or Olive-throated Parakeet.  I’ll try to put the photos in order of this list as there are too many to caption.


IMG_9670 IMG_0322 IMG_9765 IMG_9776 IMG_9779 IMG_9780 IMG_9797 IMG_0392 IMG_0432 IMG_0438 IMG_0475 IMG_0479 IMG_0498 IMG_9763 IMG_0179 IMG_0053 IMG_9969 IMG_9960 IMG_0185 IMG_0191IMG_9900 IMG_9908 IMG_9914 IMG_9920 IMG_9945 IMG_9947 IMG_9949a IMG_0088 IMG_0099 IMG_0109 IMG_0213 IMG_0221 IMG_0241 IMG_0245 IMG_0303



IMG_9824 IMG_9827 IMG_9823 IMG_9814 IMG_9864 IMG_0306 IMG_0211 IMG_0148 IMG_9970 IMG_9877 IMG_9870 IMG_9869



IMG_9744 IMG_9749 IMG_9751

  • John Uscian

    Great shots. Especially love the aracaris. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks John! Hummingbirds tomorrow!

  • bluecat

    The Trogan looks so majestic!

    • They are stunning birds! You should see them in flight!

  • I was amazed at how close I could get to them!