15% Bonus When You Transfer Credit Card Points To Virgin Velocity

If you have a credit card from any of the banks below, you have 2 more weeks to take advantage of this promo.  They do these bonuses once a year, maybe twice if you are lucky.  Since I am an advance planner, I wait for them when I have a trip planned to a Velocity destination like Rarotonga, Tasmania or anywhere else they fly.

Velocity Promo

If you do not have an Amex card, I can get you up to 40,000 sign-up bonus points if I refer you.  Please post below in the comments and include your real email (which won’t be published) and I will email you a referral.  I can refer for several different Amex cards.  Although some of the cards have a high annual fee, it can be offset by the free airline ticket that comes with the card.

Amex Referral

  • Ixchel

    Great promo, thanks!

  • Ixchel