Whirlwind Visit Of Cape Coast

After leaving Kakum for the journey back to Accra, we had to get a tro-tro back to Cape Coast.  We didn’t have much time as I wanted to have enough time to shop in Accra before going back to the hotel so we just hired a taxi to drive us around.  Here’s a pictorial of some of Cape Coast’s sights.


Some villages enroute

IMG_6101 IMG_6102 IMG_6103

Hans Botel is another lodge people use for Kakum visits but it’s further away.

IMG_6104 IMG_6106

Main shopping street in Cape Coast

IMG_6109 IMG_6114

Cape Coast Castle, unfortunately no time to go inside and we didn’t have anywhere to leave our bags.

IMG_6113 IMG_6115 IMG_6118 IMG_6116

Churches and forts

IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6122

Bus back to Accra drops you back at the Kaneshie Market from where we got a taxi to the craft market.

IMG_6123 IMG_6125