Free Lonely Planet Book On Being A Volunteer

One of the most rewarding things you can do as an ecotourist is to volunteer with an organization that is studying wild birds.  You get a much more in-depth experience than someone who can only visit for a few days, you will work with some of the world’s best conservationists and you get to do your share in helping to save the planet.  What a great way to go Green!

When I do posts on ecolodges, I will also be mentioning any volunteer programs they may have.  There are some great ones in Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica just to name a few.

Lonely Planet is currently offering their book “Volunteer – A Traveler’s Guide” for free as a pdf download.  This book normally sells for $19.95 but if you use this link, you can download it for free!   It is also available for free in the iBookstore – what a great way to pass time on a flight with no IFE (or with bad IFE)!   I don’t know how long this will last so don’t delay, download it now!