How Do Birds Fly?

This blog deals with two kinds of flight.  We use airplanes (preferably with miles) to get to our destinations where we can watch birds.  Then you have the actual birds who fly!

This is a really cool video which breaks down how birds use their wings to fly.  Nice clay lick footage in slo-mo too!

Why Flights Are Expensive

If you don’t have enough airline miles, buying a ticket from your home to your destination would probably be the biggest cost of the trip.  But have you ever wondered WHY airline tickets are so expensive?  This YouTube clip has an interesting perspective.

Bird In Flight Photography

The beauty of birds has intrigued humans for many years.  What better way to take home the memories of your birding adventure than a photograph?  I know I have been trying for a couple years now with my DSLR to get that perfect flight shot but it just never seems to happen.  The camera and lens is just so heavy I can’t hold it still and it isn’t always practical to take a tripod on the kind of trips I do.  I went searching online and found this excellent advice from a fellow blogger, Glenn Bartley.

How to Photograph Birds in Flight

He recommends ditching the tripod and shooting hand-held which I do try to do with little success.  The quality of his shots shows his control over the camera, even hand-held!  The shot below is one of my better ones but it’s clear I have a LOT to learn when compared with Glenn’s superb shots!