Some Avian Delights Of Amazonia

To finish off my series about Amazonia National Park, I’d like to show you some of the beautiful birds you can see there.  Since we didn’t have a car, we could only bird in the immediate vicinity of Urua.  Gilberto took us on the Acaizal Trail which is a challenging 4.5 km hike up and down slippery slopes.  The main target bird here is the Vulturine Parrot (Pyrilia vulturina), but we didn’t have any luck.  This species seems to be quite a challenge as other birders have had trouble too.  You can check out this trip report starting from 1 August for another perspective.  But sometimes there is success as you can see from Bradley Davis’ (Birding Mato Grosso) trip report from a few years ago!  He did quite well with the Acaizal Trail!  Maybe you will too!

M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19 M20 M22

The best birding in our case was also the easiest, right around the Urua guard post.  Although I am far from being a good photographer, even I get lucky sometimes and captured some good birds in flight shots!  The one thing you learn when you become a birder, don’t regret the birds you didn’t get to see, be happy for the ones you did see and also be happy that your presence is helping to keep them safe in their homes!

Enjoy the photos!

M03 M05 M07 M08 M09 M11 M12 M13 M23 M24 M28 M34 M35 M46 M47 M48 M50 M59 M62 M63 M65 M66 M67 M70 M71 M72 M82 M91 M93 M94 M95 M97 M99 N01 N03 N04 N05 N06 N07 N13 N16 N20 N22 N24 N25 N26 N27 Q04


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