Rainforest Expeditions Upgrades Guest Comforts, Adds New Activities For Spotting Creatures In Peruvian Amazon

How do you make the best better?  Upgrades!  If you’ve read my review of the 3 eco-lodges associated with Rainforest Expeditions, you may already be tempted.

Macaw Clay Lick

LIMA, Peru, Jan. 21, 2013 – Peru’s visionary leader in sustainable tourism, Rainforest Expeditions http://www.perunature.com/, announces accommodations upgrades and additions at two of its three eco lodges, the addition of sunset river trips, a new and secluded bungalow in the Amazon jungle offering total immersion with surprising luxury, and more.


New Transfer Boats and Shorter TRC Package
New motorized canoes with high tech 75 hp, 4 stroke engines can now make trip downstream from the most distant lodge, Tambopata Research Center (TRC) to Puerto Maldonado in just 5 hours. New scheduling now allows for a three-night jungle adventure at the TRC (instead of the previously required five). The per person double rate is $665. http://www.perunature.com/tambopata-research-center-4d3n.html



4 thoughts on “Rainforest Expeditions Upgrades Guest Comforts, Adds New Activities For Spotting Creatures In Peruvian Amazon

  1. hi Tara–I stumbled across your site through your MMS interview a while back. I am planning my own trip to Peru and am very interested in visiting Tambopata after/before Macchu Picchu. The faster trip to the TRC makes it a viable option. Would you recommend going there for just three nights? Would that be worthwhile?

    My other question is if you know if routes on LAN are bookable via BA avios and what would be a good place to search for award availability. I am flying in and out of Lima on Jet Blue’s new service and trying to figure out how to route a LIM/PEM/CUZ itinerary on points.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

    Thanks for all the information here.

    • Hi Gaurav, you will love Tambopata, it’s a magical place and the 3 day tours are excellent value! The first day will be transporting down the river and then you have 2 full days to see the Macaws before going back.

      You can use either BA Avios or AAdvantage miles on LAN for the domestic routes. There is a glitch on the BA site and they don’t have a lot of the smaller airports like CUZ & PEM available for search so you have to call and book them. You can get an idea of availability if you join LAN Pass and look for the lowest level of Y seats. BA is the best deal at 4500 Avios per segment.

      You can also use Avianca Lifemiles for cheap segments. I did a dummy run for 17 Dec and segments are as low as 3500 miles for LIM-CUZ “seats on sale” which can be bought online. If you don’t have a Lifemiles account, get one now as they limit promos to people who are existing members.

      • Thanks for the reply Tara. I’ve felt like it’s been beating my head against the wall for the past couple of days with difficulty getting in touch with the lodge which finally happened today. Then when I tried to book flights, I had BA turn around and tell me that their systems were not communicating with LAN and that it is going to take a couple of days to fix. There are a couple of seats left on the segments I want and I am wondering if should just use my AA miles on them (6000 per segment as opposed to 4500Avios) but I hate to burn my AA miles for short trips.

        I do have a lifemiles account but the best offer I am seeing is to buy miles for 3cents + taxes/mile. Are you referring to a better offer that might make it more appealing to buy the miles and use them for flights?

        • It can be like that with remote lodges. When I was there, they didn’t have internet for guests, not sure how the staff manage. If you live in the US and can easily replenish your AA miles with the credit card, I would just go ahead and use them. Or wait for BA to sort out the problem. Keep calling them, they may tell you a couple days just to cover themselves but it could be fixed anytime.

          Alternatively, if you have 40% of the miles required in Lifemiles, you can buy the rest using the cash & miles technique in this post. http://www.milestothewild.com/avianca-taca-lifemiles-best-uses-for-eco-travelers/ The 100% promo expired last month, sorry I thought it was on through Nov.

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