Mysterious Behavior Of Amazonian Macaws

Wired Science recently did an article on the Mysterious Behavior of Amazonian Macaws of Tambopata.  They interviewed several researchers, including the director of the project, Donald Brightsmith.  Long-time readers of my blog know that Tambopata is a personal favourite birding location of mine and I plan a return trip in 2016.


The article is very interesting and gives a more in-depth look than most eco-tourists get.  I do find it sad that the younger chicks are no longer being rescued and hand-fed by the researchers.  They used to do this in the past, that’s why the “Chicos” still hang around the lodge and try to steal people’s breakfasts!  I would be much happier if the younger chicks were still being rescued, even if they were subsequently relocated to another habitat to interbreed with other Scarlet Macaws.

Call me a softie or whatever, but it would be a shame if these beauties had been left to die!