Multimodal Transport Search: Rome2Rio

I have already been blogging about how to use airline miles to make your eco-tourism travel dreams come true.  But what do you do when the destination you want is far away from the main gateway airport?  What if you don’t have the right kind of miles to get there?  Is a bus REALLY the cheapest option?


One the home page, you can enter any two destinations.


In this example, we are going to say that we are using Star Alliance miles to visit Brazil for birding.  Our final destination is the Pantanal to see the stunning Hyacinth Macaws and other birds.  We will be traveling in 2015 and booking the trip in mid 2014 and TAM will have left Star Alliance to join One World.


There are no Star Alliance options to get to Cuiaba so we can join our Pantanal tour, we need to spend money.  So how do we determine the best option?  Enter Sao Paulo & Cuiaba, then put in your date in the Rome2Rio search engine.  We get a screen that looks like this.