Miles For Surveys – E-Miles

Last week, we looked at E-Rewards as a means of earning free miles.  E-Miles is another such survey company but their surveys are much quicker and usually involve simply looking at an advertisement or video, then answering a few questions about it.  Unlike E-Rewards, you don’t have to wait for an invitation to join but you do have to nominate your sponsor when you join.  Here is a list of their sponsors.

E-Miles Sponsors

Once you are registered, they will send you emails when you have an earning opportunity with a link to click on.  You will then see a page something like this.

Earn miles now


Click on the button to see just exactly what you have to do to earn the miles and how much you have to donate to get the larger bonuses.  Most of these will be monthly donations so pay attention to the T&Cs.

E-MIles Charity Screen

If you do not wish to make a donation, you will still get 5 miles for viewing the ad and answering a few questions.

E-Miles Survey

Tick the boxes you want and then click the Submit button and you will instantly get 5 miles for just a minute or two of your time.  If you regularly donate to charities, this is a good portal to use to get some free miles for doing what you normally do.