Grey Go-away Bird (Corythaixoides concolor)

The Grey Go-away Bird (Corythaixoides concolor), (also known as grey lourie, grey loerie, or kwêvoël) is one of the most entertaining birds you will see in Africa.  Even when they are telling you to “go away”, they are still endearing and I look forward to seeing them on a safari.  They are widespread in savanna woodland, a clumsy flier though extremely agile in clambering through tree crowns. It has a distinctive loud alarm call “quare”, fancifully sounding like “go away”. The crest is raised when excited.
IMG_3797 IMG_3938 IMG_3952They have a large range in Southern Africa.  I saw them all over Kruger National Park.  Although the Birdlife map shows them only in southern Tanzania, I saw them in the Whistling Thorn Camp near Tarangire National Park, and was personally told to “go away” after checking into my tent!





Excellent sound quality, you can hear them saying “Go away”!

 This is a very old movie clip from “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.  The first part is hilarious, the last part (I hope that’s a prop) not so much.