Getting Around Mauritius – Rental Car VS Bus

Regrettably, we didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Mauritius.  We aren’t the beach holiday type (nor would we travel all the way from Australia to Mauritius simply for a beach) so we had to have a well organized plan to decided on what kind of transport we needed.  The main purpose of the trip was to see the Echo Parakeets in Black River Gorges National Park.  The hotel we stayed at (on points of course) was the nearest points option to BRGNP, the Mauritius Hilton at Flic en Flac.  I also wanted to squeeze in a quick visit to the Casela Bird Park and the 7 Coloured Sands at Chamarel.



With such a short amount of time, only a rental car would do.  The one thing I found frustrating is that the majors – Hertz, Avis, etc only seemed to have manual transmissions at a reasonable cost.  I can only drive an automatic, especially if I will be driving through towns.  The best option was going through a rental car consolidator which had more options with smaller car hire companies that offered automatics at reasonable prices.  I checked 3 options – Expedia, Holiday Autos & DriveAway.  All prices for these examples are in Australian dollars but if you do a quote, it will default to your own currency.



Holiday Autos