Eco-Lite: Birds Of Eden Revisted – Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday, we pick up the virtual stroll through the Birds of Eden walk-in aviary at the first pond where you can see Scarlet Ibises and other water birds, then past the grassy area to the main pond and the area surrounding the Jandaya Cafe.  Sadly, the Jandaya Cafe is now screened in and the birds no longer are able to join you for lunch.  The food was good though!


(Don’t look if you are under 18!)IMG_3285 IMG_3288 IMG_3294 IMG_3295 IMG_3298 IMG_3283 IMG_3300 IMG_3302 IMG_3308 IMG_3315 IMG_3535 IMG_3538 IMG_3311 IMG_3323 IMG_3324 IMG_3328 IMG_3331 IMG_3341 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3345 IMG_3347 IMG_3349 IMG_3351 IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3362 IMG_3359 IMG_3358 IMG_3368 IMG_3541 IMG_3567 IMG_3566 IMG_3370 IMG_3353 IMG_3357 IMG_3367 IMG_3371 IMG_3554 IMG_3562


Birds wondering why they can’t get into the cafe.  Maybe because they don’t have credit cards?IMG_3561 IMG_3539 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3551 IMG_3553 IMG_3557 IMG_3564 IMG_3373 IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3378 IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382 IMG_3374