Destination: Yanchep National Park, Western Australia

There are so many things to love about Yanchep National Park in Western Australia!  The scenery is stunning, it’s easily accessible from Perth, accommodation is reasonable and of course there are lots of beautiful birds to watch!

At less than an hour’s drive from Perth, there is no reason even business travelers can’t sneak in a day trip to commune with nature but if you have time it’s well worth spending a couple days here.


Fees apply though these appear to be built into the room rates if you are staying at Yanchep Inn.


You can download a full brochure here but I will point out a few of the highlights.  It’s a small park and easily walkable.

YanchepOn the left side of the map, you can see the hiking trail that circumnavigates the lake.  It takes about half an hour but you will want to take it slower than that to keep an eye out for birds.  It’s a well-marked trail with bridges and planks to keep you safe.  Really active people may want to hike all the way to the Crystal Caves (right side of map).



The Koala Park is right next to the Yanchep Inn and park volunteers give very interesting talks at certain times of day and are happy to answer any questions.

IMG_6487 IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6492There’s a nice gift shop with a good variety of nature-themed and Aussie-made souvenirs.  even if you don’t like shopping the display is worth a look.  It doubles as a visitor centre and the staff are happy to offer advice on what to do and see in the park.IMG_6503 IMG_6504 IMG_6505 IMG_6506 IMG_6507 IMG_6508 IMG_6502Just near the gift shop is a small cafe for coffee, snacks and ice cream.

IMG_6512 IMG_6500Since we stayed two nights at the Yanchep Inn, I will review it on a separate post.