Cheap Fares To Lima From LAX – Only A Few Dates

HT:  FlyerTalk’s Mileage Run forum.

While the people who generally frequent this forum are looking for cheap ways to accrue elite qualifying miles, every once in a while there are cheap fares that can get you to a wonderful eco-tourism destination cheaply.

In this case, American Airlines has cheap fares to Lima, Peru on certain dates.  You have to experiment with them to get a good combination.  Here is an example, please note that taxes and fees are included!  You will also accrue miles for this trip to save for a future trip!



If you wanted to buy a ticket all the way to Puerto Maldonado to go to Tambopata, it bumps the price up but still a reasonable deal for $712 all in.


A really savvy traveler will have some BA/IB Avios or Avianca-Taca Lifemiles on hand to get a cheap domestic ticket from Lima to Puerto Maldonado and take AAdvantage of the ultra-cheap fare to Lima!  This is just one way of how collecting miles in my recommended programs can facilitate your future eco-tourism adventures!

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