Never Underestimate Antananarivo Traffic Jams

This was a loooong travel day!  We left early from Andasibe and would have to cross the busy city of Antananarivo (usually called “Tana”) before finding the road to Ankarafantsika.  We retraced our route back with only one stop in Moramanga where I was hoping to hit up an ATM for cash.  When we got there, I tried two banks, one ATM was out of order and the other didn’t like my foreign debit card.  So we pushed on to Tana where I finally had luck at the BNI Bank which is the only bank that is reliable for both Visa & Mastercard debit cards.  We stopped at the same Jovana petrol station near the US Embassy, the driver seemed to like that one in particular.  We hit major traffic jams all throughout the city and even for about 20 km once we got past the city.  Fourtunately there is enough of interest to watch out the window.  While we were driving past markets, the driver cautioned me to keep the window rolled up for fear of grab & run thieves so I had to shoot through the window.

It took about 90 minutes just to get from one end of the city to the other!  I hope you enjoy these traffic jam and city scenes!

IMG_5167 IMG_5168 IMG_5169 IMG_5170 IMG_5171

Tana Laundromat

IMG_5172 IMG_5173 IMG_5174

One of the dodgy markets where thieves can be a problem.

IMG_5175 IMG_5176 IMG_5177

Now we are downtown in a less risky area.

IMG_5178 IMG_5179

Passing Lake Anosy

IMG_5181 IMG_5182 IMG_5183

Another market where we had to be careful and keep the windows up.

IMG_5184 IMG_5185 IMG_5186 IMG_5188

All kinds of traffic in this jam!

IMG_5189 IMG_5190 IMG_5191

Craft market just outside the city on the road to the airport.