5 Great Routes On Eva Air For Eco-Tourists

Eva Air is a very welcome addition to Star Alliance because it’s not only a great airline but it has a good network of connections via Taipei.  Here are some destinations that will now be easier to reach because of Eva Air.



1.  BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA:  Great place to head inland to Bowra Station, O’Reilly’s, Girraween or Fraser Island for excellent birding.

2.  SURABAYA, DENPASAR & JAKARTA, INDONESIA:  Jumping off points to the birder’s paradise of West Papua, using an Indonesian domestic carrier.

3.  MANILA, PHILIPPINES:  Drive up to Subic Bay or hop a domestic flight to Palawan to see the endangered Philippine Cockatoo.

4.  HO CHIH MINH, VIETNAM:  Head to Nan Bai Cat Tien National Park where you may be lucky enough to see the Moustache Parrot (Red-breasted Parakeet).

5.  HANOI, VIETNAM:  Grey-headed Parakeets are in range of northern Vietnam.