Why You Need Travel Insurance – TV Show “What Really Happens In Bali”

This new tv show debuted on Australia’s Channel 7 a couple of days ago.  There were some interesting stories, none that had anything to do with eco-tourism but one story did stand out as a warning.

A young girl from Melbourne was partying on a beach with friends and they decided to go cliff diving.  The girl landed badly in the water and broke her back.  Luckily she did have travel insurance but if she didn’t, an air-lift home to Australia could have cost $60,000.  And then there’s the charity worker who gets into a motorbike accident right in front of the cameras!  You can see the whole episode if you are in Australia, otherwise you will probably be IP blocked unless you can get around it.

You can see a snippet of it here.

While I wouldn’t expect eco-tourists to be behaving like these folks, we do travel into remote exotic locations and could have other things go wrong such as being bitten by an animal or slipping on a muddy path.

Although some credit cards come with insurance, I don’t want to rely on them, especially when my trips are paid for in bits and pieces, miles here, cash there with a few hotel points thrown in.  I always buy at least health coverage which doesn’t have to be expensive.  I have never had to claim so can’t advise on how different companies are but you can get some more information using the resources in my other post.

Here’s a sample quote for two weeks in the South Pacific and Bali.  I like this company as you can choose just medical or add more coverage for prepaid travel plans and baggage.