What If The Mayans Were Right?

Everyone has heard of the Mayan prediction that the world will end on 21 Dec 2012.   I think most people don’t believe that is actually going to happen …………………..

…………………….but there are a few people who do.

Hey, the world better not end, I have 2 awesome trips booked with miles next year!  I am sure many of you guys do too.  OK, I don’t really believe the world is going to end.  But let’s just pretend it is for a minute.  You have 25 days left in the world as we know it.  Let’s say that the human race will survive but it will never be the same again.  Habitats will be flooded or destroyed by dust clouds.  Many species will be gone.  This is your last chance to see any part of the world you haven’t had a chance to yet while it is still there.  Where would you go and why?  Let’s assume you have enough miles and points to go anywhere in the world and you don’t care if your credit cards are maxxed out because the banks won’t be there anymore.  Would you go to the Amazon Rainforest (like I did in Sept)?  How about the Serengeti in Tanzania?  Or Australia’s Daintree Rainforest?  What species would you want to see?

I had my dream trip in Sept.  My favourite all-time species is the Golden Conure (Guarouba guarouba), a highly endangered species  and they can best be found in the Amazonia National Park in Brazil.  I will save the details of this trip for a future post but here is a teaser pic.

If were to make another trip in the next 25 days, it would be to the Marquesas to see the Ultramarine Lorikeet (Vini ultramarina).


Now I would love to know where you would go and why.  It’s your last chance to see the world as we know it!  Please tell me in the comments.  If you have trouble commenting because of the spamblocker, please contact me.  I am still new at WordPress and trying to figure it out as I go along.

UPDATE 23/12/12  We are still here.  The world did not end and neither should our dreams!  Let’s keep them alive and make them come true.  Click here.



  • Ellen Kessler

    I’d have to make two stops. The first would be Qatar to see the spix’s macaws. If I haven’t died and gone to heaven at that point, Australia would be my final destination. I dearly would love to see the Australian species in the wild that I only see in cages in the United States.

  • Lynda Lewis

    I would be torn between Congo greys in Africa and Cockatoos in Indonesia!

  • Tara Ballance

    Because I live with a captive bred little corella, I dearly want to visit Australia to see his cousins flying free in the wild. I want to see flocks of budgies, and to feed the sulphur crested cockies in a Sydney park.

    And then I want to hop over to New Zealand and visit the kakapo on Codfish Island. I want to meet Sirocco, the conservation spokesbird, and give him macadamia nuts. If humanity is to go extinct, I can think of no better place to meet my end than beside a species that is drawing back from the brink of extinction itself.

  • These are all GREAT ideas! What you are all doing is getting in touch with your dreams. What I want to do is show you how you can make them a reality even if you thought they were out of reach.

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