Top Twelve Countries For Wild Parrot Species (Number Of Species)

I thought you might be curious about which countries have the most species of parrots!  Of course many of these countries are very large and the parrots are spread out so you shouldn’t expect to see ALL of a country’s native parrot species in one visit but I will be blogging about one or two species each week and where to see them until all species are covered.  These may or may not be the best/easiest places to see each species, we will be looking at that when I cover the individual species in turn.  And it doesn’t even begin to cover smaller countries that are GREAT for birding/parrots like Costa Rica, Panama, India, Philippines, New Zealand and some Pacific & Caribbean Islands or for any of the African countries where parrot populations are spread out.  But in the meanwhile, it should give you a good idea of where you will need to travel to so you can start acquiring enough miles to make your dream trip!

BRAZIL – Species – 82

INDONESIA – Species – 77

COLOMBIA – Species – 57

AUSTRALIA – Species – 53

PERU – Species – 53

BOLIVIA – Species – 51

VENEZUELA – Species – 50

ECUADOR – Species – 49

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Species – 48

ARGENTINA – Species – 27

GUYANA – Species – 24

MEXICO – Species – 23

All together, there are 356 species of parrots in the world.  If you would like to learn more about them, this is an excellent book, it’s taken Lonely Planet’s place as my travel “Bible”!