Animal Of The Week – Seram Bandicoot

The Seram Bandicoot (Rhynchomeles prattorum), also known as the Seram Island long-nosed bandicoot, is a member of the order Peramelemorphia. It is the only species in the genus Rhynchomeles The species was described from a collection of seven specimens, made in 1920 at the Indonesian island of Seram, the only record of its existence. It is classified as an endangered species on the Red List of the IUCN, due to its narrow distribution range and noted as data deficient. Conservation of the species, if extant, is threatened by clearing of lower altitude forests near its type locality. The introduction of pigs, dogs, and other feral animals could cause a decline in population.

You are most likely to encounter this animal if you visit Seram in search of Moluccan Cockatoos and other endemic birds.  Not a very dramatic or exciting animal but one of the few endemic species to be found on Seram.  This species was recorded from upper montane tropical forest. Little more is known about the species natural history.