Harvey The Hurricane Hawk

I normally don’t cover weather events on this blog (unless they affect eco-tourism) as I believe the usual news media does a much better job of it, but in this case I think this story of a wild Cooper’s Hawk who sought refuge in a taxi cab in Texas was especially heart-warming and of interest to birders and anyone who loves birds.

Here’s how the story unfolded on Youtube.

A terrified young Cooper’s Hawk senses the upcoming hurricane and takes refuge in William’s taxicab.

William attempts to set the bird free but he just doesn’t want to go.

With winds getting worse, William needs to get home himself and takes the hawk, dubbed “Harvey” with him.  They hunker down for the hurricane.

Harvey relaxes a bit more and eats some chicken but declines the booze behind him!

William calls a wildlife rescue to take care of Harvey as soon as it is safe.

An update from the wildlife center on Harvey’s condition.  He has some minor injuries but the prognosis is good and he should be free before long!

I have never been in a hurricane myself so I can’t imagine what  it’s like.  I’m just glad to know there are big-hearted people like William the cab driver who would shelter a frightened wild bird from a storm and make sure he gets to the proper care facility afterwards!