Should You Be Worried About Ebola?

We are going to Africa in the near future and my mother is in a panic.  She is convinced that we will get Ebola and die.  She is just one of many millions of people around the world who share the same fears.  So just how much of a threat is Ebola to tourists planning safaris in Africa?  This infographic from The Safari Company does a great job of explaining it.


.Ebola Infographic

I am not worried either of us will get Ebola.  To date, no tourists have been infected and there have been no cases in any African country other than Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone & Nigeria.  They’ve been doing a great job of containing it and keeping out of even the neighboring countries.

We wouldn’t be engaging in high-risk activities that involve exchange of bodily fluids.  We are in business class on the planes so will be seated only with each other.  We don’t plan on sticking around any city, we will be heading straight out into the bush for safaris.  We’re probably more at risk of Malaria than Ebola but we are taking Doxycycline for that.

I think there has been way too much hysteria fueled by the media.  Of course Ebola sells newspapers and promotes clicks on websites.  What I am more worried about is the hysteria driving ridiculous reactions such as this!


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