Should You Use Pointshound Or Rocketmiles?

One of the easiest ways to earn miles is to use certain hotel booking engines.  There are currently 2 programs that give miles for your hotel bookings.  Generally speaking, Pointshound has more options but gives fewer miles.  Rocketmiles gives you at least 1000 miles per booking but they have a lot fewer options and don’t serve all the places Pointshound does.  I’ve been able to book small eco-lodges on Pointshound but so far I can’t find any smaller places in Rocketmiles.


If you are not a member of either program, using my links will give you a bonus of 250 miles in Pointshound or 1000 miles in Rocketmiles when you book your first hotel.  I will also get the same amount as a bonus.  You will get links of your own to share to whomever you wish so you keep collecting miles.





It’s a good idea to check both of them when you need a hotel, then choose the option that is most attractive for your booking.  If you are collecting United miles, only Rocketmiles has them as a partner.  Both programs have American and US Airways.  Neither has Delta but if you want SkyTeam miles they both have Flying Blue.

Example:  Belem, Brazil