Priority Club Pointbreaks Offer A Few Hotels For Eco-Travelers

The new Pointbreaks list is out with various hotels  on offer for 5000 points valid for booking through June 30, 2013.  This is a new development as previously most lists were only valid for 2 months and this list is valid for over 3 months.

Central and South America are popular birding destinations and odds are you will have an early morning flight at some point so why not save your money here and spend more on supporting locals in the national parks?









Only one option in Oceania but there is good birding up north and Townsville is the jumping off point for Magnetic Island.



There’s a couple good ones in Asia.  In India, Jaipur is a gateway to the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary but you would only need an overnight in the city because it is much nice to stay within the sanctuary as I did in Sept 2011.



Subic Bay in the Philippines has great birding and Clark is not too far away and taxis are pretty cheap in the Philippines.



Check the other hotels in the Asia tab on the main Pointbreaks site to see if any suit your plans as a gateway city.

Don’t plan to spend all your time in these hotels even if they are fantastic bargains.  None of them are in national parks where you can see birds, the best use for these hotels is when you are connecting to and from a flight.  Do plan to spend most of your time in local eco-lodges, preferably within the sanctuaries or parks.