In 2013, Resolve To See At Least One New Bird Habitat

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and are not TOO hungover!  LOL!  OK, on to the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.  Yes there are the usual ones:

Lose weight (I have to do this)

Stop smoking (don’t smoke)

Cut down on debt (don’t spend more than you can pay in one month)

Spend more time with family, friends, pets (never been a problem here)

But let’s all add ONE more resolution.  In 2013, make a point to visit at least ONE new nature reserve or wildlife habitat that you haven’t been to before.  Find out what species are there, how you get there and use the resources tab in the top navigation to help you get there.  So here are my new bird habitats for 2013 all of which are extremely rich in all kinds of birdlife.

1.  Biak, Indonesia for all things feathered with “Geelvink” in their name.

2.  Nimbokrang (near Jayapura), Indonesia for 15 species of parrots, Victoria Crowned Pigeons, and maybe Cassowaries

3.  Raja Ampat, Indonesia for Birds of Paradise and more parrots including Palm Cockatoos

4.  Arfak Mounains, Indonesia for more Birds of Paradise, Arfak Apastria, hopefully Pesquet’s Parrot

5.  Crooked Tree, Belize for Amazons and more

6.  Tikal, Guatemala, you can’t beat the setting of a spectacular Mayan ruin with birds galore!

7.  La Selva, Costa Rica for Great Green Macaws

8.  Laguna del Lagarto, Costa Rica for Great Green Macaws and more

9.  Monteverde for Respendant Quetzal, Barred Parakeets and more

10.  Carara, Costa Rica; we’ve been here before but can’t pass up a second chance to see Scarlet Macaws!

11.  Savegre, Costa Rica, another chance at Resplendant Quetzal, Sulphur Winged Conures

12.  Soberania National Park, Panama for Brown-throated Conures and Blue-fronted Parrotlets and hopefully more!


Now don’t be put off if you can’t travel anywhere this year.  Look at the tips I have to earn frequent flyer miles so you can get to these fantastic destinations, you may be surprised at what is achievable with a little bit of effort!

What new bird habitat are you going to visit in 2013?  Please comment here!