I’m Taking The Pledge – To Fledge!

The Global Birding Initiative is a grassroots movement to get new people interested in birding.  Not just the exotic travel like I do but everyday birds in your backyard or anywhere!  So here’s the official pledge:

As a birder, I have savored the sights of nature’s most spectacular works of art. I have felt the pride of discovering a rare bird in my area. At times, my spirit has been soothed by the songs of our winged wonders. I wish EVERYONE could experience these joys.

By building public appreciation for local birds, communities can realize the intrinsic, aesthetic, and ecological value of birdlife and nature in general. This life-fulfilling appreciation also serves as the requisite foundation for bird conservation action. 

With this in mind, I make the following  ‘Pledge to Fledge’ . . .

I pledge to actively share my enthusiasm for birds with non-birders by taking them into the field to show them birds and foster their own appreciation for birds whenever possible. I will strive to be friendly, patient, helpful, and welcoming when approached by ‘non-birders’ or asked about birds by acquaintances.  I believe that individual birders, as part of an international grassroots movement, can effect positive and profound change for our shared birds and their future.”

I have the perfect tool to get started with this blog.  I’ve been sharing my worldwide trips, currently the one to West Papua.  But even in my own backyard, I have a wealth of wild native Aussie birds.  Sulpher Crested Cockatoos and Short-billed Corellas fly over my house every day.  Rainbow Lorikeets come to feed on my grevilleas, bottlebrushes and umbrella trees.  Sometimes Pale-headed Rosellas come to the banana trees.


There are some great tips in their “How to Fledge” online document.

Fledging a new birder

I am going to do the first one I circled tomorrow in a local park.  I already do the other 3 I circled.  I don’t have a conventional office job so I can’t do the uncircled ones in person though I do them here on this blog, hope that counts!

Is anyone here in Brisbane?  I’d love to meet you in one of our local parks for birding!  SInce most of you are probably NOT in Brisbane, do you need any advice on how to get started?  Have you seen an interesting bird in your neighborhood you would like to share (any species)?  Please post in the comments!

  • Denise DeBlois

    Love the idea:)