Eco-Lite: Bali Bird Park More Photos

Yesterday I launched my new series designed to help people find mini-trips to appreciate birds closer to home or on more conventional trips to beach resorts such as Bali.  All the information on Bali Bird Park is in the first post but I took so many photos, I thought I would follow up with more here so I don’t make the informative post harder to load.

When you first enter, you will see lush gardens and several birds on stands or wandering about the park.  They have photographers there if you want to have a photo posing with the birds.









Then you will pass by some large aviaries and habitats featuring various Indonesian birds and a few from Australia.  You can also see some baby Eclectus Parrots that are being handreared.




These birds are from Africa.


IMG_8566 Then you pass through the Birds of Paradise exhibit.



IMG_8491 IMG_8489 IMG_8511 IMG_8504 IMG_8503IMG_8513IMG_8522 IMG_8524IMG_8526IMG_8527 IMG_8537 IMG_8534 IMG_8529

Next there is a huge walk-in aviary featuring birds from Bali.  You can see the highly endangered Bali Starling here but they are kept separate for their security.  They are in a breeding program trying to increase the numbers.

IMG_8425IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8463 IMG_8462 IMG_8457 IMG_8454 IMG_8445 IMG_8442 IMG_8440 IMG_8436 IMG_8434 IMG_8433Next you will pass a few random bird exhibits including some birds of prey.

IMG_8416 IMG_8417 IMG_8409 IMG_8410 IMG_8414 IMG_8415 IMG_8348 IMG_8349 IMG_8350

Then you will come to a free-flight show that they do around 11am featuring both birds of prey and some dazzling macaws.  This was one of the times my camera was fogging up due to the humidity and intermittant rain.

IMG_8399 IMG_8395 IMG_8383 IMG_8380 IMG_8376

Then you will come to the Papua Rainforest Aviary whose photos I featured yesterday.

As you leave Bali Bird Park, you will see a well-stocked gift shop with bird themed paintings, jewelry and knick-knacks.  I bought out the bird bling when we were there but they have probably replenished it by now………they do take credit cards!

IMG_8555 IMG_8553 IMG_8552 IMG_8551