$1000 Anti-Pickpocket Guarantee

Seems incredible doesn’t it?  Yet Scottevest has come up with a $1000 Anti-Pickpocket Guarantee!  Based on my own use of this product, I can confirm that it would be very difficult for anyone to access the inner pockets by stealth though they could still threaten you with a weapon or drug you so you should still be careful when walking in strange areas and don’t accept food or drink from strangers.  Always check with locals about how safe an area is before you go there.

Of course there are T&Cs which one would expect to go along with this offer.

SeV will reimburse you up to $1000 US for any valuables pickpocketed out of your SCOTTEVEST while traveling. The following restrictions apply:

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It is not an everyday guarantee. It is not something that you will hear from other companies. But, this is exactly how confident we are in our product. If you are pickpocketed while wearing your SCOTTEVEST, we will reimburse you any losses up to $1,000.Unfortunately, anytime you wave around $1,000, it brings out the scam artists and conmen. So our lawyers made us put in some fine print….but even with the details below, we promise you that if you are truly pickpocketed while wearing your SeV, we will cover your losses. Now for the boring (but important!) part:

  • Your SCOTTEVEST must have been purchased on or after June 1, 2013, and you must be able to provide proof of purchase (invoice, order number, account email address, “bill to” name, etc.)
  • Your SCOTTEVEST must have been purchased from us or an authorized reseller. Authorized resellers include stores that sell SCOTTEVEST. Excluded resellers include private sales, eBay and online sites other than www.SCOTTEVEST.com.
  • The Pickpocket Guarantee only applies to the following items: Travel Vest for Men, Travel Vest for Women, Classic Vest for Men, Classic Vest for Women, Tropiformer Jacket, Fleece 5.0, Fleece 7.0, Transformer Jacket, SeV Men’s Trench, SeV Women’s Trench, Penny Coat, SeV Standard Jacket, Revolution Jacket, Revolution Plus Jacket.
  • You must provide an official police report describing the incident and an itemized list of stolen items and values. The police report must mention by name that you were wearing the SCOTTEVEST in question at the time of the pickpocketing. You must report the crime to the police immediately and get the police report to us within 10 days of the incident. The guarantee applies only to pickpocketing, not mugging/robbery/assault/threatening, which is an altogether separate crime. SCOTTEVESTs are not bulletproof.
  • You must provide a signed, sworn statement that your valuables were pickpocketed from an interior pocket, that it was zippered at the time of the incident, and that it they were not stolen by someone known to you.
  • The guarantee applies only to any items stolen from zippered, interior pockets.
  • If you have other insurance already – e.g. travel insurance – you much first make a claim to them, and SeV will pay anything up to $1000 not covered by your insurance and any relevant deductibles. Stolen items that are later recovered are not eligible for claim under this guarantee.
  • We reserve right to get additional information, and judge the facts presented before accepting or denying your claim.
  • If there are more than 2 claims made in 12 months by same person, we reserve right to cancel your coverage.
  • If your SCOTTEVEST was not purchased from us, e.g. through one of our authorized resellers, we may require you to complete a registration form within 60 days of purchase of your SeV before coverage is available.

Send your claims to sales@scottevest.com.  Claims will be reviewed within one week and you will be contacted for more details as needed.  Please note that reimbursements are calculated based on the face value of cash and retail value of goods.  Sentimental value and time to replace items cannot be calculated into the reimbursement. A check will be sent by us within 45 days of application acceptance.

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